This Female oriented insurance plan is launched in 2008 by Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of India. This money back plan includes insurance benefits on Accident, Critical Illness and Congenital Disability benefit as rider. Plan includes terms of 15 and 20 years only. Hence this plan is suitable for Indian working womens.

Benefits of New Jeevan Bharati -1 Plan by LIC.

a) Death Benefit: In case of accidental death you will get return amount which will be equal to sum under basic plan, bonus and final addition of bonus.

b) Survival Benefits: Survival benefits will get the amount equal to 20% of total after the 5th ending year of policy term

c) Maturity Benefit: For 15 years term, you will get 60% of assured sum under basic plan and vested reversionary bonus including final additional bonus.

For 20 years term, you will get 40% of assured sum under basic plan and vested reversionary bonus including final additional bonus.

Special Features of Jeevan Bharati-1 Insurance Plan by LIC

* Free Insurance Cover: Provided at least two years’ premiums have been paid under a policy, full death cover (irrespective of survival benefits payment made) will admissible for period of three years from the date of first unpaid premium.

* Encashment of survival benefits as and when needed: A policyholder can take the survival benefits on or after the due dates, but before the date of maturity.

* Accident and Disability Benefit (optional): Accident Benefit can be availed under this plan, subject to the payment of an additional premium of Re.1/- per thousand Sum Assured. This is inclusive of the maximum limit of Rs.50,00,000 placed under other life insurance plans taken from Life Insurance Corporation of India.

* Critical Illness Rider (Optional): Critical Illness Benefit is payable for any of the critical illness (as listed by LIC) occurrence during the rider term.

* Premium Waiver under Critical Illness (Optional): If opted will waive all the future premiums on the occurrence of the critical illness.

* Congenital Disabilities Benefit (CDB) (Optional):

An amount equal to 50% of the Sum Assured (subject to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh) will be payable under the plan on the birth of the child with any one or more of the Congenital Disabilities listed below. This benefit is available for two children only and will not be payable if the birth of the child occurs after the proposer attains the age of 40 years. This benefit will be payable only if age at entry is upto age 35 years.

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